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Bonjour...Our little story from Paris to Pudsey

L'eclair was born from a passion of French cooking, especially the sweet side, and the realisation that everyone needs an eclair in their life. With a small team of pastry chefs all sharing the same obsession for French patisserie and perfection, L'eclair was born!

Our story began in lock down 2.. 3.. 4? Who actually can remember...

We took what was an old gym in West Leeds and converted it in to a huge all singing, all dancing kitchen perfect for creating our patisserie, Then came our shop, this was a labour of love hand crafted from up cycling everything from fence panels to make the floor, sauna wood to create the counter. even the paint was recycled! We wanted to bring a little bit of Paris to Leeds so we got a real life French man (Frank the Machine) who could see our vision and armed with a drill and a paint brush off he went waving his magic French wand of wonder and created our little shop, We may be in a old mill but come and step inside and have a look.

Not all of us are French, but from L'eclair we'll take you to the patisserie shops of the Pyrénées, bakeries of Bourdeaux and the cake shops of the Loire Valley. We often visit la patrie-mère of patisserie on a regular basis looking for new inspiring ideas and to see how the masters do it, and of course eat croissants & drink wine until we can barely fit on the flight home.. (it's a tough job but we're prepared to make that sacrifice!)

Many of our products change weekly to give our team the chance to showcase their classic French flair and creative minds. Of course our eclairs are the star of the show each week, from 'the classic' Dark Chocolate & Vanilla Pod and Toasted Coconut to the more modern and quirky Malted Milk Chocolate or Caramel Latte, we have an eclair to make everyone. Oh là là!

There's not just eclairs, our skilled team create tarts, macarons, gateaux and cheesecakes each week, plus much more to fill our cabinets every Friday and Saturday. If you get here early enough on a Saturday there'll be a selection of hot and crisp French style breads and pastries, we only do small batches though so you'll have to be quick! We've worked with the wonderful London Coffee to create our own blend of L'eclair coffee beans for our Flat Whites and you can buy our beans, whole or ground, to have the L'eclair experience at home!


If your business would love that certain je ne sais quoi, then please get in touch and we can bring a little french flair to you! L'eclair Trade is dedicated to creating wonderful wholesale desserts, cakes, tarts and afternoon tea patisserie that will meet your profit margins and wow your customers.

Follow our exciting journey along with us on Instagram!

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